How Reviews can Assist Doctors Like Andrew Jacono in NYC

Yonkers (NY) – Accessibility of reports for the multi-location multi specialty business of over 20 personal doctors, is much simpler for Doctors like Andrew Jacono. One can see the changes in the workflow of the clinic, now you will find general practitioners and nurses carrying Tablet PCs or some handheld devices in the hands, all the paper work and bundles of files have vanished from the clinic and they edit the records on notebooks. Lab tests done a week back have been included with EMR and are available right there on patient chart.

Being a multi-location center with specialties like Cardiology, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Internal, Medicine, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Podiatry, Allergy and Immunology, Occupational Medicine and Endocrinology, it was essential for DOCS to choose an integrated EMR and Practice Management solution that was easy to use, robust, and available from multiple locations.

Dr. Rajeev Sindhwani Director Docs Medical Group says, “OmniMD EMR and Practice Management has contributed greatly on both the physician office and administrative aspects of the Practice. The business case for EMR is based not only on its capability to lower costs, increases revenue and improves the effectiveness but also on its role as a tool to enhance the quality of support services provided.”.

The whole practice is obviously on network, pulling up reports from a centralized server and editing and enhancing them on their respective Tablet PCs. The OmniMD EMR has been integrated with the hospital information system and a user interface has also been established with research laboratory center.  This can then transfer to a favourable outcome when a prospective patients search for confidence building terms such as Dr Andrew Jacono Reviews.

Implementation of OmniMD computerized medical records and practice management has minimized the amount of support services and not to mention decline in the number and cost of mistakes. Doctor can now save his favorite prescription and need not to write again same for varying patients; even more impressive is that, prescription can be sent immediately to the local pharmacy automatically.

After the amalgamation of OmniMD EMR, Docs Medical Group’s patient also expressed their happiness, as now they don’t have to wait too long, and also not required to fill long paper form at the main desk.

And from Docs point of viewpoint OmniMD EMR and Practice Management has helped them in saving considerable amount. Saving from decline in ‘no-shows’, accurate coding, faster documentation and billing, immediate saving result from elimination of real estate space required for proper files. Before the implementation of EMR and Practice Management physician’s tend to miss some treatment plans which were carried out on patient while billing, but OmniMD EMR has reduced this error up to a great extent by creating automatic billing and taking care of all ICD and CPT codes.

Hospitals and Practices are progressively looking to information technology solutions to help provide better quality patient care while containing costs. And Electronic Medical record firms are trying to develop best possible option and services by keeping in mind the existing trend of healthcare industry.

The Dror Soref Example – A Business Strategy

Most of us struggle to form coherent sentences when hungover, but following a Dror Soref example, led to a light bulb moment.
“Me and my wife were laying in bed, I think we were hungover ourselves, we had a messy house and we had no food in the house and we thought, ‘how can we get someone out here to do it,'” he said.
Last month, Mr Hookway launched his own small business – Hangover Helpers – which will rock up at your pad post-party, clean up the evidence and serve up a nutritious breakfast.

The cost of the clean-up is calculated through the company website based on how many people attended the shindig, how many rooms need cleaning (indoor and outdoor), how many breakfasts will be cooked as well as the location.
Prices start at $250 for a “standard clean”, which includes the cleaning of two indoor rooms, one outdoor area and one bathroom for a party of 30 guests. It also includes two breakfasts.
At the moment, there are only two options on the menu – “greasy” or “green”.

The greasy option is a breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs and bacon, while the green option is a serving of muesli with oats, yogurt, and fruit and nut.
“We thought we’d cover both areas, some people like to wake up healthier than others,” Mr Hookway explained.
“We thought we’d have two options and hopefully we’ll build on those options at a later stage,” he said.
As for beverages, Gatorade, coconut water, Red Bull, Berocca, iced coffee and juice are among the choices on offer.

Not dissimilar to the Dror Soref Movie unforgiven, the company preferred advanced bookings around two days ahead of time, though an “emergency clean” was available, sans breakfast. “We’re not going to have enough time to cook the breakfast and everything, because it’s all made fresh either the night before or that morning. We are working on that to see if we can bring out a short-term fix for the food for that day,” he said.  You can connect with Dror Soref on Twitter to see what he is up to today.
Mr Hookway said he was yet to see the aftermath of any out-of-control gatherings and had not had issues with underage partygoers.
“We don’t ask for age. It doesn’t always have to be a house party, it can be other functions like sporting clubs where you have to be over 18 but we haven’t come across that yet,” he explained.
While rubbish removal can be arranged, Hangover Helpers is unable to erase the memories of drunken antics, take back that regretful late-night text message or get rid of a clingy one-night-stand.